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Pictures of the back half apartment of the Captain Morse House

I can separate the back of the house into a private apartment. These pictures are arranged as if you were walking into the back yard from Morse Street. These photographs also help folks who rent the entire house get oriented with this large property. This back apartment is not normally available. It is unusual to have anyone not rent then entire Captain Morse House vacation rental home. They pictures are a portion of the main group of Photos (top menu item) that only show the back.

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If you need more space I can add another bathroom, large bedroom (Green #5) that can be made up as two singles or one California King and another small single bedroom (Garden #6). The setup therefor makes the larger Green bedroom have a private bath. Adding this option moves the apartment from 1 bedroom and bunkroom to 3 bedrooms and bunkroom.

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We can add yet another bedroom and private bath as well as three to four more bedrooms.

The photographs were taken in Edgartown on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard. Most were taken by Robert Morrison in late 2013 and early 2014 so they are fairly recent. The yard has been worked on and lovingly restored to it’s former glory by Gibson Landscape Company. Some of the pictures do not show the yard as it is now which has been drastically improved.

Robert used a 20D Canon camera with a 17-40mm Canon Lens. He took some wide angle pictures as well but we limited the use of these to give the rooms as much realistic perspective as possible.

I have shot pictures of the house on several occasions myself using a Canon Rebel XT and then later a Canon EOS 70D. Lenses that I like to use are the Canon EFS 10-22MM wide angle lens and the Sigma 17-70mm 1:2.8-4.

Robert did some post-processing using the Canon tools. I loaded them all into Adobe Lightroom 5.4 and finally in 2015 finished cropping and processing to optimize for the website.

There are always things we are doing to improve the house and those are listed on the website under this link.