Weddings and Events

Weddings and Special Events

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If you are renting the Captain Morse House you can have an event in our large back yard. We have done Weddings, Clam Bakes, Corporate Retreats, family reunions, golf outings, birthdays and anniversaries. Your event will be one to remember whether under our three beautiful linden trees on the lawn or under a beautiful Sperry Tent with a dance floor.

When your entire party can stay under one roof for lodging and the event you can really enjoy each others company.

The Captain Morse House has one of Edgartown’s largest backyards. It is almost four feet above the street grade which allows for very nice views East down Morse St. to the water West for the sunset. The natural light in the backyard at the end of the day is really spectacular.

Sunset Cocktail Party

Sunset Cocktail Party

We can accommodate up to 120 for a sit down dinner and up to 200 for a stand up cocktail party. Your plans for bands, dance floors etc. will effect that number. We have installed a separate 100 amp electrical service to the backyard to support tent lighting, catering, music and entertainment. You can place a beautiful 32′ x 70′ Sperry tent in the yard. All of our tents are provided by Big Sky Tent the Island’s premier party planning headquarters. See more pictures of events here.

The home is located in a residential neighborhood and so noise is an important considerations. Your guests should be saying their goodbyes around 10:00pm with the house quiet by 11:00pm. For late night entertainment there are lots of good places downtown and within easy walking distance.All events that go beyond having a few friends over may be subject to an event charge and additional security deposit.

What we are perfect for:

  • A smaller wedding ceremony.
  • A reception that ends fairly early and then the younger guests go out on the town.
  • A rehearsal dinner where the reception is held elsewhere.
  • A family clam bake or dinner catered by one of the excellent caterers on island.
  • A large cocktail party for friends from the island and further away.
  • A brunch the day after a wedding.
  • Lodging for the parents of the bride, their close friends and the bridal party.

What we are not well suited for:

  • A large wedding ceremony or reception where the guests are well over 100.
  • A reception where the guests want to party and dance long into the night.
  • Any bachelor or bachelorette events.
  • As a venue for a band where the music would upset the neighbors.
  • Other locations that are more suitable to larger events are…
  • The Daniel Fisher House and the Wharf Pub are good venues.

Rate Guide

  • Minimum price for using the house and patio for an event not including any setup on the lawn is $500
  • Patio setup of a bar and tables and for groups of more than 50 people is $1,000
  • Patio and lawn setup of a bar and tables and for groups of more than 100 people is $3,000
  • Full program with a tent or up to 150 (max) is $5,000 and up
  • Additional security deposit required
  • Any setup on the lawn requires a tent floor be installed – not included

Special Event Application – Click Here

More Information

Events can be held at the house if you let us know what you have in mind. The home is suitable for smaller events of a moderate nature and not for really large parties. For more boisterous events there are lots of places downtown that can host a great party. Best of all they are all within walking distance. If you want to have an event at the house and incorporate a very late night wild time them consider doing the party in stages with the folks at the house for the formal early afternoon and evening event and then a staged move to a downtown venue where the party can run until the wee hours.

The use of the house for any form of large party or entertainment including more than the people staying at the house needs to be approved in advance.
Events held at the home are subject to additional charges and an increased security deposit.

Typically people plan for an afternoon or early evening event.
Information you will need to gather before filling out the Event Application. The application, when co-signed by the landlord and tenant, provides a modification to the Property lease section 1.

  • How many people will stay at the house and for how many days?
  • What are the ages approximately? Adults, teenagers, children.
  • How many people will attend the event?
  • Do you anticipate having any people inside during the party and if so how many?
  • What hours do you want to have the party from and to? What is the schedule of events.
  • What type of equipment will you want to bring to the backyard or house?
  • If a tent is required the maximum that can be used is a 32′ x 70′ and should be provided by Big Sky Tent.
  • Are you using a party planner and if so who?
  • Do you plan to have music or a live band?
  • Who is the caterer
  • Who is the photographer. Photographer shall provide to VCJ Property 5+ quality photos of event and of completed site prior to arrival of guests.
  • Event Liability Insurance of $3,000,000 shall be purchased by the tenant and name VCJ Property, LLC as co-insured. Contact your insurance agent or review this website

Other information you should know

  • No event will be allowed that has not received permission from the landlord 60 days before the start of the lease.
  • The back yard can accommodate a tent up to 32′ x 70′ which will hold 100-125 for a sit down dinner or 200 (max) for a cocktail party.
  • Any music must end according to town ordinance at 10pm. Music must be played at a moderate volume. Guests should be leaving by 9:30 pm with all guests gone and the house (especially outdoor areas) quiet by 10:0 pm
  • All material provided for the event including all household trash shall be properly secured and then removed from the premises by noon the day after the event.
  • If dancing is planned then tenant shall install a dance floor. Lawn must be kept in good condition for the next tenant. Heavy foot traffic must not be allowed to occur without suitable protection of the lawn.
  • Your caterer is required to file a Special Event Caterer Reporting Form with the Edgartown Board of Health.
  • Tenant and tenant’s vendors shall take sole responsibility for complying with all laws.
  • This property is in a residential neighborhood. Town noise ordinances are strictly enforced. Events must be respectful.
  • Event guests are not allowed to use the interior of the house. For more than 50 people on premises a portable toilet must be placed in driveway for guests use.
  • Maximum Occupancy of the property is not to exceed 200 people at any time. This is a no smoking property.
  • There is no onsite parking.
  • Tenant gives Landlord permission to communicate directly with your event suppliers about the event.

A lot of rules but all designed to protect the home. The home can provide a wonderful and memorable evening for the right group and use.

The Captain Morse House

(all terms and conditions subject to change without notice)

Further Links

Special Event Application – Click Here

For event planning ideas see the Gathering Guide Website

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