Yes we are close to the waterfront. In fact very close.
Back when the house was built in 1840 this was as close as prudent home owners cared to be to the water. Over the years the “sand dune” and marsh to the East of North Water street was built on. With global warming and a few good hurricanes we may once more become “waterfront property”.

Pictures of the waterfront at the end of Morse Street.

Aerial view up Morse Street

Located one block from the harbor

Located one block from the harbor

Captain Morse House just up from the North Wharf in Edgartown

The open area next to that big white boat is the North Wharf. Overnight dockage can be arranged through the harbor masters office.

View down Morse Street

Morse Street just outside the front door of the Captain Morse House

I wanted to include a few photos to show you how close you are to the waterfront. The North Wharf was built by Captain John O. Morse and this is where he kept his ships. Today the North Wharf is owned and operated by the Town of Edgartown and is accessible by the public.

On the Wharf

Early Evening at the North Wharf

This is a quick shot I took December 2009 from the wharf. No boats as it is late in the season. Notice the current rips in the water.

Tight Fit Down Morse Street