Pets may not like the trip as much as you do

We can accommodate pets at the Captain Morse House and have done so in the past. This post gives you a detailed discussion of why that may no longer be possible.

We have tried to accommodate dogs the last several years. After talking to my cleaners and caretakers I have decided that the additional wear and tear, cleaning and damage has not been worth it. Of course that is the point of view of the homeowner but I also used to have a dog, a big yellow lab and before that a lack lab and so know the guests point of view as well.

From the guests point of view visiting a house that has had a lot of pets in it beforehand is probably not as nice as one that has not had the little furry visitors. On the island we are particularly challenged with pets. The island is home to a tremendous concentration of sand fleas, regular fleas and ticks. Pets can and do bring these into the house and create havoc for the next renters. In our experience with my own dogs he always suffered terribly from sand fleas and ticks after a visit to the house. I’m sure you are familiar with the “cones” that dogs where when they chew themselves raw trying to get at the fleas. In addition it is a different world. Most beaches do not allow dogs and so it probably will happen that pets will be left behind and cause damage in the home. And don’t let me forget to mention the skunk infestation. Nothing says puppy love like a five hour drive back home with a skunked dog. Don’t count on the town to take care of them. Read More.


The dredded cone. Oh – did I mention the skunks too?

So with all that said we are sure that your pets will be more comfortable at home with a pet sitter or in a quality kennel. If you really can’t live without them accompanying you on your trip there are local kennels available however your pet is not allowed on the premises during your visit.

If that still doesn’t work then these are the general terms where we have had to make an exception for a small pet that is part of a wedding celebration.

  • $500 in additional rent
  • $2,000 additional security deposit
  • Pets cannot be left unattended in the house.
  • A receipt provided by fax to 888-675-3294 or by email showing that the dog has been professionally groomed and nails clipped within one week of the visit to the house.

Consider your pet’s health before you bring them with you to the island.


Our dog Tuck in October of 2006. The “Grand Dog”

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