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Contact Platt Johnson Manager of the Captain Morse House

Platt Johnson – manager

We are at your service.

I grew up in the Captain Morse House with my parents and brother. We had a wonderful childhood full of sailing, fishing, tennis and bike riding. Our family has been coming to the Vineyard since 1955 and can assist the first time or seasoned vineyard traveler.

We encourage your to check out our website and read all the content I have added over the years to assist you in having the best vacation ever.

yours sincerely,


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If you need to ship items to the Captain Morse House for your stay use only UPS or FEDEX Do not use the US Postal Service as our PO Box #34 in Edgartown is a mile from the house and gets checked infrequently.
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c/o The Captain Morse House
80 North Water Street #34
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