A Little Bit About Us

The Johnson family has come to this vacation summer home in Edgartown on Martha’s Vineyard since 1955. We love the island in all it’s seasons and can’t wait to get back each year. My family is from New York City as was the Dinsmore family that owned the house before we did. Before that the home was built by Captain John O. Morse and then inherited by the Pease family.

NDJ_1956_10_Edgartown_smMy father, Norman Dudley Johnson, bought the Captain Morse House in 1955. This picture is from October of 1956 and was probably taken as he was about to leave the house and drive back to New York city. Yes he always wore a coat and tie for the drive back. My father spent summers at the house until 1997. That fall he passed away on the island after having participated in the New York Yacht Club sailing cruise and swimming each day. Each fall he would take in the shutters and then put them back out in the spring all by himself. He mowed the lawn with a push rotary mower, cut the hedges and did all the odd jobs that the home needs. He loved the house and he loved Edgartown. Here is a link to how he used to run the house.


Platt_CMHHere I am in June of 2013 during a month when my wife and I stayed at the house working on it, just as my father used to do. It’s a great vacation rental home but takes a lot of work to keep it in tip top shape. Each year we tackle numerous projects in order to improve or maintain the house. The money from rentals helps to keep up this home. Did I mention that it is painted white and located next to the sea. You can see the improvements here.

VCJ_and_boys_2007My mother Virginia and her grand kids. Who knows, maybe the tradition will continue. It will be up to them soon enough. Then they can write more about the house on this “About Us” page.